Thursday, June 2, 2016

High School Athletic Awards

Grace Miller – MVP
Matti Endy – Coach’s Award
Lindy Kurtz – Most Improved Player
Amy King – True Grit

Amy King – MVP
Carissa Earnest – Most Improved
Matti Endy – All-Around Player

Cyle Fulton – Perseverance Award
Daniel Boyer – Most Improved Player

Jeremy Latshaw – Golden Boot
Tyler Brenner – Coach’s Award
Blake Greenly – Defensive Player of the Year
Tyler March – Most Improved Player

Brooke Stoltzfus – Outstanding Athletic Achievement
Ellie Martin – Coach’s Award
Sarah Williamson – Player of the Season

Track and Field
Amy King – MVP
Hisayo Kaneko – Most Improved Player 

Jesse Zook – Defensive Player of the Year
Blake Greenly – Offensive Player of the Year
Kevin Gable – Teammate Award
Tyler March – Coach’s Award

MS Sports Awards

                Emily Green – Outstanding Athletic Achievement
                Lindsey Weaver – Coaches Award
                Alexis Kohler – Spirit Award
                Conrad Yoder – Golden Boot
                Zach Fulton – Outstanding Athletic Achievement
                Spencer Colon – Defensive Player of the Year
                Zach Johnson – Coaches Award
Girls Basketball
                Sam Earnest - Most improved player
                Elena Azat - Outstanding Athletic Achievement 
                Montana Schwinn - Coaches Award
Boys Basketball B&A
                 Matt Brantzeg – Coaches Award
                 Zach Fulton – Not In My House
                 Conrad Yoder – Ice Man
                 Riley Watkins – Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde
Track and Field
                 Zach Fulton - Outstanding Athletic Achievement
                 Olivia Gavin – Most Improved Player
                 Spencer Col√≥n – Most Improved Player
                 Conrad Yoder – Coaches Award