Thursday, September 13, 2018

Survey Says?

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the athletic survey that was sent out in early August.  It was insightful to see the many desires CCS families have for the future of the athletic program.  As the school continues to grow, it is my desire to see continued growth in the athletic program as well.

Results from the survey show four sports with considerable interest at the high school level; they are golf, cross country, girls soccer, and tennis.  As a result,  I have begun looking at potential cooperative sponsorship options for these sports.  I see this as an initial step; as facility and numbers allow, we could then add them as sponsored sports at CCS.

Results at the elementary and middle school level were not as broad, but there is a desire to see additional sports such as girls soccer, girls lacrosse, cross country, and boys baseball added in the future.  Currently, the middle school does not have the numbers and/or interest to support one of the larger team sports.  As there is continued growth, these options will be pursued.

Please know that this survey was not comprehensive, and prior to adding a sport, through cooperative sponsorship or as a CCS-sponsored sport, there will be a complete study done of the current student body.  I anticipate doing a complete study this winter.  After analysis of this study I will share with you how CCS athletics will proceed.