Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Athletic Director's View - Why Is the Cougar Athletic Program Special?

Over the years (19 to be exact) I have had the opportunity to attend approximately 1500 athletic events.  A dozen or two have specific memories attached to them while the remaining tend to blur together over the years.  No matter if it is a playoff game or a regular season contest, there are some things about Cougar athletics that I find to be both unique and special to our community.  Below you will find my top 5 reasons why Cougar athletics are special.  If you find time in the upcoming week or two, please let me know what makes Cougar athletics special to you.
5 Fresh Cut Fries and other great food at home games – If you have not been to one of our home varsity soccer games, it is time to see what it’s like.  The Cougar Den is the snack stand organized and run by the Athletic Booster Club and parent volunteers.
4 Conestoga Athletic Booster Club – The athletic boosters not only organize and provide the snacks, but the money raised goes into the athletic program to help alleviate the costs of athletics for parents and students.
3 Tournaments – CCS hosts three tournaments a year: The Cougar Invitational, The Cougar Hoops Shootout, and the Cougar Classic.  Each of these tournaments has been filled with laughter, cheering, and excitement on a regular basis. 
2 Supportive Fans – The sound of fans cheering, chanting, and/or singing in unison in support of our student athletes is amazing. 
1 Friday Night Lights – I guess that since this is my number 1, it is pretty obvious that I am the soccer coach.  We are truly blessed to be able to watch, play in, or coach at a location with such a phenomenal view.  A picture that is forever etched in my memory is the view from atop the soccer field looking out over the south mountain in late September or early October as the leaves are changing and the sun is setting.  Fans wait in anticipation for the action to come as players make their way onto the field in preparation for the night’s event. 

If you have not had the opportunity to come out and support the CCS teams, check the schedule HERE for an event coming soon.  

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